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The trade volume proportion index at KGIL is a valued tool at for today’s trading. By introducing this index, KGIL demonstrates its market’s transparency and independence. The index is based on the trade volume information and demonstrates the most common currency provided by liquidity investors and providers, as well as the sell/buy currency exchange rate. The liquidity capital buyers include personal clients, brokers, investment companies and hedging funds. The trade volume proportion index reflects the buy/sell trade percentage of the total opening position amount. KGIL provides market bank quotes to the investor. The trade proportion index also shows relevant comparative trader information, because there are always 2 simultaneously equal transactions completed for every order delivered by KGIL.

Frequency update

The index reflects the current market conditions and trade intensity, which is updated once every 30 minutes.

User instructions

The KGIL trade volume proportion index indicates the capital flow sentiment to help you maintain your grasp on the market rhythm. The pressure scale of the index effectively demonstrates the comparative rate of the currency against its buy/sell volume, which can be used as an index for contrarian operations.
Example: SWFX Sentiment Index can be used as an extra selective information formula to help you decide on confirming or declining the trade signals provided by MACD or KD. If this strategy provides a buy-in signal for Euro to U.S. Dollar exchange, and the Sentiment Index indicates Euro being oversold in the Euro to U.S. Dollar exchange, the investor should avoid market entry. If the strategy provides a sell-out signal for GBP to USD exchange, but the trade volume proportion index at KGIL shows GBP to USD exchange being overbought, or is at least impartial, then the successful rate of this transaction is higher.

Liquidity consumer sentient index

Liquidity providers sentient index