12:30AURBA Meeting Minutes
12:30JPBoJ Gov Kuroda Speech
01:30CNInflation Rate YoY2.8%2.9%
01:30CNInflation Rate MoM0.7%0.5%
01:30CNPPI YoY-0.8%-1.2%
04:00IDBalance of Trade$0.085B$ 0.2B
04:00IDExports YoY-9.99%
04:00IDImports YoY-15.6%
04:30JPIndustrial Production YoY Final0.7%-4.7%
04:30JPIndustrial Production MoM Final1.3%-1.2%
04:30JPTertiary Industry Index MoM0.1%-0.1%
04:30JPCapacity Utilization MoM1.1%-0.4%
06:45FRHarmonised Inflation Rate YoY Final1.3%1.1%
06:45FRHarmonised Inflation Rate MoM Final0.5%-0.4%
06:45FRInflation Rate YoY Final1.0%0.9%
06:45FRInflation Rate MoM Final0.5%-0.3%
07:00TRUnemployment Rate13%13.6%
07:00TRRetail Sales MoM-1.5%0.8%
07:00TRRetail Sales YoY-3.7%-2.8%
08:25USFed Bullard Speech
08:30GBClaimant Count Change28.2K24K
08:30GBEmployment Change31K19K
08:30GBBoE FPC Minutes
08:30GBUnemployment Rate3.8%3.7%
08:30GBAverage Earnings excl. Bonus3.8%3.7%
08:30GBAverage Earnings incl. Bonus4%3.9%
08:40ES3-Month Letras Auction-0.566%
09:00EAZEW Economic Sentiment Index-22.4-27
09:00DEZEW Economic Sentiment Index-22.5-29.4
09:40DE2-Year Schatz Auction-0.73%
24:00INBalance of Trade$-13.45B$-12.5B
24:30CANew Motor Vehicle Sales177K180K
24:30GBBoE Vlieghe Speech
24:30USNY Empire State Manufacturing Index21.0
24:55USRedbook YoY5.5%
24:55USRedbook MoM-1.1%
13:00USFed Bostic Speech
15:00USConsumer Inflation Expectations2.41%2.5%
15:30US3-Month Bill Auction1.680%
15:30US6-Month Bill Auction1.690%
18:00USMonthly Budget Statement$-200B$109B
19:30USFed Daly Speech
21:00KRExport Prices YoY-3.9%
21:00KRImport Prices YoY0%
23:00KRUnemployment Rate3.1%3.8%
12:30AUWestpac Leading Index MoM-0.3%0%
01:00KRInterest Rate Decision1.5%1.25%
08:00ITIndustrial Orders MoM-2.9%1.1%
08:00ITIndustrial Sales YoY-0.6%0.4%
08:00ITIndustrial Sales MoM-0.5%0.1%
08:00ITIndustrial Orders YoY-1%-0.2%
08:30GBInflation Rate YoY1.7%1.9%
08:30GBInflation Rate MoM0.4%0.3%
08:30GBCore Inflation Rate MoM0.4%0.2%
08:30GBCore Inflation Rate YoY1.5%1.7%
08:30GBPPI Core Output YoY2%2.1%
08:30GBPPI Core Output MoM0.2%0.3%
08:30GBPPI Output MoM-0.1%0.4%
08:30GBPPI Output YoY1.6%1.6%
08:30GBRetail Price Index MoM0.8%0%
08:30GBRetail Price Index YoY2.6%3%
09:00EABalance of Trade€24.8B€12.5B
09:00EACore Inflation Rate YoY Final0.9%1%
09:00EAInflation Rate YoY Final1%0.9%
09:00EAInflation Rate MoM0.1%0.3%
09:00ITHarmonised Inflation Rate MoM Final0%1.5%
09:00ITHarmonised Inflation Rate YoY Final0.5%0.3%
09:00ITInflation Rate YoY Final0.4%0.4%
09:00ITInflation Rate MoM Final0.4%-0.5%
09:30IDCar Sales YoY-11.5%-5.9%
09:40DE30-Year Bund Auction0.05%
11:00ZARetail Sales YoY2%2.6%
11:00ZARetail Sales MoM0.2%-0.1%
11:00USMBA Mortgage Applications5.4%
11:00USMBA 30-Year Mortgage Rate3.9%
24:30CAInflation Rate YoY1.9%2%
24:30CAInflation Rate MoM-0.1%-0.3%
24:30CACore Inflation Rate YoY1.9%2%
24:30CAForeign Securities PurchasesC$-1.17B
24:30USRetail Sales MoM0.4%0.3%
24:30USRetail Sales Ex Autos MoM0%0.1%
24:30USRetail Sales YoY4.1%3.8%
13:00RUIndustrial Production YoY2.9%3.2%
13:00USFed Evans Speech
14:00EAECB Lane Speech
14:00DEBundesbank Wuermeling Speech
14:00USBusiness Inventories MoM0.4%0.3%
14:00USNAHB Housing Market Index6866
17:00DEBundesbank Weidmann Speech
18:00EAECB Lane Speech
18:00DEBundesbank Mauderer Speech
19:00ARInflation Rate MoM4%6.1%
19:00USFed Brainard Speech
20:00USOverall Net Capital Flows$43.8B
20:00USForeign Bond Investment$11B
20:00USNet Long-Term Tic Flows$84.3B
20:30USAPI Crude Oil Stock Change4.13M
22:15AURBA Debelle Speech
12:30AUUnemployment Rate5.3%5.3%
12:30AUEmployment Change34.7K20K
12:30AUFull Time Employment Chg-15.5K30K
12:30AUPart Time Employment Chg50.2K-10K
12:30AUParticipation Rate66.2%66.1%
08:00ITBalance of Trade€7.631B€6.9B
08:30GBRetail Sales MoM-0.2%0.3%
08:30GBRetail Sales YoY2.7%2.9%
08:30GBRetail Sales ex Fuel MoM-0.3%0.2%
08:30GBRetail Sales ex Fuel YoY2.2%2.5%
08:40ES3-Year Bonos Auction-0.477%
08:40ES5-Year Bonos Auction-0.331%
08:40ES10-Year Obligacion Auction0.115%
09:00CNNew Yuan LoansCNY1210BCNY1500B
09:00CNOutstanding Loan Growth YoY12.4%12.4%
09:00CNTotal Social FinancingCNY1980BCNY1950B
09:00CNM2 Money Supply YoY8.2%8.3%
09:00EAConstruction Output YoY1.1%2.2%
09:00FR3-Year BTAN Auction-0.66%
09:00FR5-Year BTAN Auction-0.50%
11:00ZABuilding Permits YoY5.7%-14.6%
11:10DEBundesbank Wuermeling Speech
24:30CAADP Employment Change49.3K53K
24:30CAManufacturing Sales MoM-1.3%0.2%
24:30USPhiladelphia Fed Manufacturing Index125
24:30USBuilding Permits1.419M1.300M
24:30USBuilding Permits MoM7.7%-8.4%
24:30USHousing Starts1.364M1.290M
24:30USHousing Starts MoM12.3%-5.5%
24:30USInitial Jobless Claims210K205K
24:30USContinuing Jobless Claims1684K
13:00RUUnemployment Rate4.3%4.3%
13:00RUReal Wage Growth YoY3%3.2%
13:00RUPPI MoM-0.6%
13:00RUPPI YoY0.3%-2.9%
13:00RURetail Sales YoY0.8%1.2%
13:15USIndustrial Production YoY0.4%0.1%
13:15USIndustrial Production MoM0.6%-0.3%
13:15USManufacturing Production YoY-0.4%-1%
13:15USCapacity Utilization77.9%77.9%
14:30USEIA Crude Oil Stocks Change2.927M
14:30USEIA Gasoline Stocks Change-1.213M
14:30USEIA Natural Gas Stocks Change98Bcf
15:30US4-Week Bill Auction1.720%
18:00USFed Bowman Speech
18:00USFed Evans Speech
20:00AURBA Gov Lowe Speech
20:20USFed Williams Speech
23:30JPInflation Rate YoY0.3%0.4%
23:30JPCore Inflation Rate YoY0.5%0.4%
23:30JPInflation Rate MoM0.0%0.3%
23:50JPForeign Bond Investment¥-428.3B
23:50JPStock Investment by Foreigners¥1072.5B
02:00CNGDP Growth Rate YoY6.2%5.9%
02:00CNIndustrial Production YoY4.4%4.7%
02:00CNRetail Sales YoY7.5%7.7%
02:00CNFixed Asset Investment (YTD) YoY5.5%5.8%
02:00CNGDP Growth Rate QoQ1.6%1.2%
02:00CNIndustrial Capacity Utilization76.4%76.5%
07:00CNFDI (YTD) YoY6.9%6.7%
08:00EACurrent Account€29.8B€21.9B
08:00ITConstruction Output YoY0.8%1.1%
09:00ITCurrent Account€8421M€4560M
10:30TRAuto Production YoY10.7%
11:30INMonetary Policy Meeting Minutes
11:30INForeign Exchange Reserves$437.83B
14:00BRBusiness Confidence59.460
14:00RUGDP YoY1.6%1.5%
14:00USFed George Speech
14:00USFed Kaplan Speech
14:30USFed Kashkari Speech
15:30USFed Clarida Speech
17:00USBaker Hughes Oil Rig Count712
18:30CABoC Lane Speech
21:00DEBundesbank Mauderer Speech
23:50JPBalance of Trade¥-136.3B¥151B
23:50JPExports YoY-8.2%
23:50JPImports YoY-12%
01:30CNLoan Prime Rate 1Y4.20%4.05%
01:30CNHouse Price Index YoY8.8%8.7%
04:30JPAll Industry Activity Index MoM0.2%-0.1%
06:00DEPPI MoM-0.5%0.7%
06:00DEPPI YoY0.3%0.5%
07:00ESIndustrial Orders YoY0.8%1.2%
10:00IDForeign Direct Investment YoY9.60%5.3%
11:00IDLoan Growth YoY9.58%9.3%
11:30BRBCB Focus Market Readout
13:00FR3-Month BTF Auction-0.604%
13:00FR12-Month BTF Auction-0.593%
13:00FR6-Month BTF Auction-0.599%
14:30TRCentral Government DebtTRY1.248TTRY1.3T
15:30US3-Month Bill Auction
15:30US6-Month Bill Auction
16:00BRFederal Tax RevenuesBRL119.95BBRL 124B
19:00BRNet Payrolls121.39K100K
21:00KRPPI MoM0.2%0%
21:00KRPPI YoY-0.6%-0.6%
08:00ESBalance of Trade€-2.49B€-3.4B
08:30GBPublic Sector Net Borrowing£-5.77B£-3.2B
10:00GBCBI Business Optimism Index-32-38
10:00GBCBI Industrial Trends Orders-28-40
11:00MXUnemployment Rate3.7%3.60%
24:30CARetail Sales MoM0.4%-0.1%
24:30CARetail Sales YoY1.2%
24:30CARetail Sales Ex Autos MoM-0.1%
24:55USRedbook MoM
24:55USRedbook YoY
14:00USExisting Home Sales MoM1.3%-1.6%
14:00USExisting Home Sales5.49M5.40M
14:00USRichmond Fed Manufacturing Index-9-12
14:30CABoC Business Outlook Survey
17:00US2-Year Note Auction1.612%
19:00ARBalance of Trade$1168M$ 1200M
20:30USAPI Crude Oil Stock Change
06:45FRBusiness Confidence102101
07:00TRConsumer Confidence55.856.9
08:00ZAInflation Rate YoY4.3%4.5%
08:00ZAInflation Rate MoM0.3%0.4%
08:00ZACore Inflation Rate YoY4.3%4.3%
09:40DE10-Year Bund Auction-0.61%
11:00USMBA Mortgage Applications
11:00USMBA 30-Year Mortgage Rate
11:40SAInflation Rate YoY-1.1%-0.9%
24:30CAWholesale Sales MoM1.7%0.3%
13:00USHouse Price Index MoM0.4%0.3%
14:00EAConsumer Confidence Flash-6.5-7.0
14:30USEIA Crude Oil Stocks Change
14:30USEIA Gasoline Stocks Change
15:00ARLeading Indicator MoM0.9%-1.3%
17:00US5-Year Note Auction1.600%
19:00ARRetail Sales YoY35.8%23%
22:00AUCommBank Manufacturing PMI Flash50.3
22:00AUCommBank Services PMI Flash52.4
22:00AUCommBank Composite PMI Flash52
23:00KRGDP Growth Rate QoQ Adv1%0.8%
23:00KRGDP Growth Rate YoY Adv2%2.1%
12:30JPJibun Bank Manufacturing PMI Flash48.947.7
12:30JPJibun Bank Services PMI Flash52.851
12:30JPJibun Bank Composite PMI Flash51.550.2
05:00JPCoincident Index Final99.799.3
05:00JPLeading Economic Index Final93.791.7
07:00ESUnemployment Rate14.02%14.0%
07:15FRMarkit Manufacturing PMI Flash50.149.7
07:15FRMarkit Services PMI Flash51.150.9
07:15FRMarkit Composite PMI Flash50.850.5
07:30DEMarkit Manufacturing PMI Flash41.741.4
07:30DEMarkit Services PMI Flash51.451.1
07:30DEMarkit Composite PMI Flash48.548.1
07:30IDInterest Rate Decision5.25%5.25%
07:30IDLending Facility Rate6%6%
07:30IDDeposit Facility Rate4.5%4.5%
08:00EAMarkit Manufacturing PMI Flash45.745.1
08:00EAMarkit Services PMI Flash51.651.1
08:00EAMarkit Composite PMI Flash50.149.5
08:30GBUK Finance Mortgage Approvals42.576K42.1K
11:00MXEconomic Activity YoY0.3%0.3%
11:00TRTCMB Interest Rate Decision16.5%15%
11:45EAECB Interest Rate Decision0%0%
11:45EAMarginal Lending Rate0.25%0.25%
11:45EADeposit Facility Rate-0.5%-0.5%
24:30EAECB Press Conference
24:30USDurable Goods Orders MoM0.2%-0.6%
24:30USDurable Goods Orders Ex Transp MoM0.5%0.3%
24:30USInitial Jobless Claims203K
24:30USDurable Goods Orders ex Defense MoM-0.6%0.7%
24:30USContinuing Jobless Claims
13:30BRCurrent Account$-4.27B$-4.7B
13:30BRForeign Direct Investment$9.47B$8.1B
13:45USMarkit Composite PMI Flash5151
13:45USMarkit Manufacturing PMI Flash51.150.9
13:45USMarkit Services PMI Flash50.951.1
14:00USNew Home Sales MoM7.1%-2.2%
14:00USNew Home Sales0.713M0.697M
14:30USEIA Natural Gas Stocks Change
15:00ARConsumer Confidence42.140
15:00USKansas Fed Manufacturing Index115