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※The product is not avaialble for purchase at the moment, please wait for further information.

Symbol   USOIL
Contract Size   1,000 barrels per lot
Spread   US$0.06
Minimum Fluctuation   0.01
Minimum Trade   0.01 lot
Maximum Trade   10 lots
Required Margin   US$750 per lot
Commission   US$50 per lot
SWAP   Please refer to platform
Trading Hours   Beijing Local Time:
Summer:Mon 07:00-Sat 04:00
(Except 05:00-06:00 every day for system maintenance)
Winter: Mon 08:00-Sat 05:00
(Except 06:00-07:00 every day for system maintenance)
Contract Expiry   Futures contract expirations listed on NYMEX
Settlement   Non-deliverable,cash settled at the end of last Trading Day.
Order Limitation   US$0.25 away from the market price

※Spread will vary based on market conditions. KGIL reserves the right to change the spread and margin requirement subject to market conditions.
※Please refer to the information on the trading platform for SWAP interest. KGIL reserves the right to change SWAP (overnight interest) subject to market conditions.
※Required Margin:USD750