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Overnight interest policy

The overnight interest policy at KGIL provides favourable conditions to its client organizations, to consolidate its leading position in the Forex bank industry.

AUD/CAD 0.35 -8.80
GBP/JPY 0.14 -5.00
AUD/CHF 0.91 -19.40
GBP/NOK -7.80 0.14
AUD/JPY 0.63 -13.60
GBP/NZD -23.80 0.98
AUD/NZD -3.00 -0.00
GBP/SEK 0.49 -14.40
AUD/SGD 0.28 -9.20
GBP/SGD -10.00 0.14
AUD/USD 0.21 -5.20
GBP/TRY -140.40 6.30
CAD/CHF 0.49 -11.80
GBP/USD -11.60 0.49
CAD/JPY 0.28 -6.20
NOK/JPY 0.00 -1.60
CHF/JPY -9.00 -0.28
NOK/SEK 0.07 -2.00
CHF/SGD -19.20 0.63
NZD/CAD 0.35 -10.20
EUR/AUD -24.40 1.12
NZD/CHF 0.84 -20.60
EUR/CAD -13.00 0.56
NZD/JPY 0.63 -15.00
EUR/CHF 0.14 -5.20
NZD/USD 0.21 -7.00
EUR/CNH -61.80 1.89
SEK/JPY -1.20 -1.40
EUR/CZK -1.80 -9.00
SGD/JPY 0.21 -8.20
EUR/DKK -2.60 -5.20
USD/CAD 0.21 -5.20
EUR/GBP -8.60 0.35
USD/CHF 0.91 -19.80
EUR/HKD -9.00 0.35
USD/CNH -41.00 -0.98
EUR/HUF -14.40 -3.00
USD/CZK 0.70 -23.20
EUR/JPY -5.00 0.21
USD/DKK 0.63 -19.80
EUR/NOK -14.00 0.49
USD/HKD 0.35 -8.80
EUR/NZD -26.00 1.68
USD/HUF 0.14 -17.60
EUR/PLN -25.60 0.91
USD/JPY 0.56 -12.40
EUR/SEK 0.07 -4.80
USD/MXN -63.40 2.73
EUR/SGD -16.20 0.49
USD/NOK 0.14 -5.80
EUR/TRY -126.40 5.74
USD/PLN -7.80 0.07
EUR/USD -17.60 0.84
USD/RUB -84.60 3.92
EUR/ZAR -86.80 3.92
USD/SEK 0.77 -19.40
GBP/AUD -19.80 0.91
USD/SGD 0.07 -5.80
GBP/CAD -6.40 0.21
USDTHB -26.20 0.21
GBP/CHF 0.63 -15.20
USDTRY -97.00 4.41
GBP/DKK 0.28 -15.00
USDZAR -63.60 2.80
XAU/USD -10460.00 1841.00
※The prices above are calculated in "$" form(Contract amount10,000). XAG Base=2000 , XAU Base=100
※The above price is for reference only, the actual transaction price-based.

‧Every month, there are at least 10 million USD worth of accounts that have the Swap Rates.
‧Whenever trades have reached to this amount, the organization overnight rate will be in the next month.
‧Accounts that do not reach this trading amount will have a fixed overnight rate(refer to the table above).
‧The overnight rate uploaded online is for consultation use only.

The overnight policy is meant to transfer the currently exposed onto the next closing date, to avoid transfer and the deduction of its relative currency, which is the relative capital in the trading process as the currency trade rate. The client’s profit or payment is the comparative difference of the traded currency. At the daily settlement time (22:00 GMT), the account exposure will be transferred to the next current closing time. The actual risk will close at the initial capital exchange rate, and will open at the final capital exchange rate. The user can see the capital exchange rate record in their reports.

KGIL uses the following central banks’ target rates as the basis of the fixed overnight rate policy, from which KGIL bank will declare its deduced extra fees from its clients.

USD   Federal Funds Rate
EUR   Euro Overnight Index Average (EONIA)
GBP   Official Bank Rate
JPY   Unsecured Overnight Call Rate
CHF   Swiss Average Rate Overnight (SARON)
CAD   Key Interest Rate
AUD   Cash Rate Target
NZD   Official Cash Rate

KGIL may change, modify partially or entirely the above overnight policy at any given time, based on the market fluctuations.
Holds Forex positions until the date of delivery, and the liquidated profit/loss interest of the uncovered positions.

Overnight interest

Settlement time When the positions in the account are held uncovered past 17:00 New York time, they will be

carried over to the next trade day. The overnight interest rate will be calculated when the next trade day begins, which is roughly at 03:00 Central European time.

Under exceptional market circumstances, some currencies will be rolled over to the next trade day, at roughly 10:00 Central European Time.

Next day lender / borrower
As part of the next-day rollover , all of the Forex positions will raise or decrease in interest. Interest is the rate difference of one currency against two currencies, called the swap point, which is due to increase or decrease on the initial trade capital on each Forex position.

How the overnight interest is calculated Overnight interest (or swap interest) is calculated based on various elements, of which includes the spread* of two currency countries involved the trade. From rates provided by first class banks, Sunbo (is it Sunbo the company or KGIL? Please verify) will consider the client’s trade situation or other factors to make the relevant increase or decrease. *uses the daily market overnight interest.

Interest rate on the floating profit/loss for uncovered positions

All of the floating profit or loss from uncovered positions will be collected interest. How profit/loss is calculated The uncovered position’s floating profit/loss calculates the difference between the open position price (after the adjusted overnight interest is calculated) and the related currency’s current price (at 17:00 New York time). *Under exceptional market circumstances, some currencies may use the currency quote at 08:15 Central European Time.

Applicable interest rate :The interest rate is mainly based on the daily market overnight interest rate, then increased or decreased according to the client’s current situation. The final interest rate is used to adjust the initial trade price.

Total overnight interest

Payment or collection of the total overnight interest rate is the total sum of two items above.