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V5 is a high-speed trade platform that also provides a user-friendly interface. Our bank quotes mechanism puts the investor to advantage. Also, the multi-language function, graphic function, multi-technical index, order function, account management services… etc., are all to satisfy the investor’s miscellaneous needs.

One-click transactions
The function allows a one-click transaction model setting, or set a confirmation inquiry model before any transaction.
DMA model
We have a Direct Market Access (DMA) model, providing a competitive spread based on a great variety of main international Forex bank quotes, and also executes the investor’s Forex transaction commands within the delay of a millisecond.
Market Depth
The market depth dynamic shows multi-bank market trades, where a multitude of bank quotes are streamed into our system. The investor can see the best buy-in and sell-out prices and check trade volume quotes. This function allows the investor to measure the liquidated quotes and to improve their trade transactions.
Account and position management
Instant display of the account’s net value and each trade sections, calculates the position average value, and supports investors in executing strategic trading.
Order function
Allows management in trade order or to transact new orders for trade, the investor can also freely select the desired order volume for partial stop-loss or partial stop-profit executions.

From the Market menu, select Market Watch. This window displays streaming quotes for defined currency pairs and can be used to launch the Order Entry screen.

To add a new currency pair
Scroll to the bottom of the Market Watch screen and enter the currency pair into a blank symbol cell. Your symbol list is saved automatically and displayed each time you login.

To delete a currency pair from your symbol list
Click the symbol’s cell that you want to delete. Press the Delete button on the keyboard and then press Enter.

To place a Market order:
1、From the Market Watch window, double-click the Bid or Ask price for the required currency pair.
2、In the Quick Order section of the Forex Order Entry screen, click SELL MKT or BUY MKT.